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"Obwell is truly a miracle product! I recently experienced my first fever blister at the age of 36 and was desperate for relief. Thankfully, my uncle Gary recommended Obwell and after using it just a few times, my fever blister was completely healed by Monday morning. Since then, I've used it for oral oil pulling and to remove makeup, and it's been a game-changer. I highly recommend this amazing product to everyone!"

Maureen Hall-

"My son, Dr Gary W. Hall, D.C. Brought his father and I, OBWell, to use the first week of May, 2013. Gary had not burdened us with the knowledge that his own health had deteriorated, but he knew how our health was at 85 and 90. I started taking OBWell immediately, I've had a lifetime of very unhealthy gums. I said nothing to my dental tech, but waited to hear what she said. She was dumbfounded and asked what I had been doing, because there was such a major change my simple solution OBWell."

Shirley O.-

"I use OBWell on my hands, face, and skin after showering or at nice on my face before bed. However this is about my 3 year old dog Louie. He had parvo as a puppy after a 2 week bout he thankfully recovered, however it left him with a weak immune system and severe skin allergies. Allergies that led to a loss of hair on both sides, his hind legs and under his tail. He looked like he had a baboon tail! I slathered OBWell on Louie and let him lick about half a teaspoon out of my hand, after 5 weeks his fur is fully grown back!"


"I had severely sunburned my foot while at the beach. My foot became swollen and ached for 5 days. It had oozing white blisters on it. Relief only came once my wife got out the OBWell oil and rubbed my entire foot in it. Instant relief, I couldn't believe it! By morning the swelling and aching was gone. My foot was no longer purple colored or oozing blisters."


"Waking up on a Wednesday with a burning pain on my lower lip, I knew what was coming.I had experienced this before. Prior to going out I rolled OBWell on my lip and immediately the burning and pained ceased. I used OBWell 4 times a day for the next 2 days and it was completely gone! All my pain and discomfort was gone-- What a relief. Over the years I have tried many products, but NOTHING compared to OBWell."

Julie R.-

"After a horrible episode of bacterial and parasitic infestation from eating a spinach salad 10 months ago seeking healing through both wester medicine and homeopathy I found no cure. Two weeks ago I was introduced to OBWell and began a regime. Within 3 days I was experiencing a detox which lasted 8 or 9 days. The result left me feeling energized with a lot less internal pain. I know I am on my way to a full recovery due to OBWell. I am also using OBWell for oral hygiene and skin care for my dry skin!"

Walter O.-

"After having some discomfort for several weeks due to a corn on my fifth toe, I discovered OBWell Oil. As recommended by Dr. Gary Hall, D.C. I began using OBWell. After 3 days of using OBWell, the corn softened and fell off. Alas no more pain. I'm now able to wear shoes again without pain, I am doing well now!"
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